Le Salon D'Adonai: Authentic Lebanese Cuisine in Byblos

It all started 6 years ago when Adonai the Greek god of beauty started his journey in Byblos with a cozy eatery in Byblos old souks and his clay pots theme and innovative cooking that focuses on homemade healthy dishes. The voyage continues with Le Salon D'Adonai a new restaurant addition just next to Adonai Le Petit Libanais that just opened in time to welcome winter.
The menu includes salads, classical Lebanese appetizers, specialty fekharas, the famous Mawkade, grilled platters and many more.
They welcomed us with a basket of delicious corn chips with olives paste. We loved them.
We started with the famous Lebanese duo Tabbouleh-Fattoush.
•We loved the Fattoush as it was prepared with fresh ingredients with a yummy sauce based on pomegranate molasses and served with toasted bread on the side. So if you want to go 100% healthy you can skip the bread.
From the appetizers we had Hommos, Baba Ghannouj, Warak 3enab and Labné.
From the Bil Fekhara section we had the Halloumi, Bayd B Akkawi, Kafta, Djej and Ras Asfour.
•The Halloumi consisted of slices of marinated flambé halloumi served with 2 slices of tomato. We loved adding olive oil and enjoying every single bite. 
•The Bayd B Akkawi was delicious. We loved the mixture between the juicy akkawi, the tomatoes and the eggs. The flavors were very well mixed together and the platter was light.
•The Kafta was very delicious as it was cooked with tomatoes, lots of spices and debs el remmen. The meat balls were tender and perfectly marinated.
For desserts we had the Ashtaliyeh & Honey and the Essmalieh. 
•The Ashtaliyeh was beautifully presented with a generous amount of nuts.
•The Essmalieh was phenomenal! we loved the fact that the vermicelli were not fried yet they delivered a greatly rich taste!
We liked the fact that Adonai encourages healthy food while keeping the Lebanese tradition of the fekhara.

Location: Unesco Square, Next to Wax Museum.، Jbeil, Byblos 1000
Phone : 70 236 778


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