Tartina Di Mare an Italian Seafood Resto in Jounieh

Tartina Di Mare is a new seafood resto snack in Jounieh that has been doing a lot because of its exciting new concept and exotic fresh food that they offer. We were lucky to have a chat with the owners as we tried some of their specialties.
•We started with the Crab Salad that had a very generous amount. It was fresh and tasty. The fact that they use crab on top and in the bottom made it very enjoyable as you can fee the crab till the last bite so you won't end up eating only lettuce. 
•The Salmon Pasta was very good since the salmon used were very fresh, the sauce was very creamy and full of flavors. 
•The Salmon Pizza was delicious thanks to the typical Italian dough, the generous amount of salmon and the fresh marinated rocket leaves on top
We ended our dinner with the Caramel Cheesecake and the Pistachio Rustica.
We were not familiar with the Pistachio dessert but we liked the Caramel Cheesecake.
We are glad that the guys behind Tartina Di Mare brought a new fresh concept to the market that is usually contributed with a specfic high end restaurants and made it affordable.


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