Em Sherif Café​ in Downtown Beirut the New Baby for Em Sherif

For centuries Lebanese restaurants have been sticking to the same norms when opening a restaurant. Mirielle Hayek decided to think outside the box when she opened her Lebanese Gatsby style fine dining restaurant. 5 years later Em Sherif became a landmark in the authentic oriental cuisine worldwide and a must visit restaurant to every tourist. The glorious age continued with Em Sherif Café that opened recently in Downtown Beirut next to Metropole introducing a new era to the Lebanese market where you can enjoy a la carte delicacies and sumptuous bites in a chic atmosphere whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
•We started with the one of a kind Shanklish Salad including shanklish, chooped onions and tomatoes and fresh herbs. What makes it very special are the fried shanklish balls that topped the salad and had a great taste. 
•From the hot mezze we had Batata Harra and Falafel. We loved them as they were flavorful and not oily. 
•From the oven we had the Meat Pie or lahm baajin. 
•From the main platters we had the Shawarma and the Chicken Wrap or Musakhan. 
-The Shawarma was phenomenal! It consisted of 4 wraps filled with succulent shawarma slices, parsley, pickles and onions. The meat was perfectly cooked and spiced. 
-The Mousakhan Djej was a great choice too. It consisted of marinated chicken slices in tannour bread with summak and a cucumber yoghurt dip. 
Hot bread is always served during the dinner with a complimentary platter of vegetables and olives.
For dessert we had the Cotton Candy with Ice Cream and we are still craving it since then. The portion was very generous especially with the cotton candy and it was topped with vanilla meringue. 
We were lucky during our visit to finally meet Em Sherif as we were very curious to know the mind behind all of this and we were surprised that she turned out to be a very warm and uplifting person. Our Experiences at the Em Sherif family are always memorable as they always strive to serve the best of the best whether in the service, the food, the ambiance and most importantly the positive atmosphere.
Location: Caragoula Street, Minel El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon
Reservation is a must on: 78 988989

Price Range: 35$ per person


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