Al Sultan Brahim: The place to Enjoy the Finest Kinds of Seafood in a Beautiful Setting.

One of the few things we Lebanese people are proud of is our Food that got all the world curious to try. Our recent experience was at Al Sultan Brahim an upscale Lebanese fish restaurant that has been spreading memorable moments for the past 55 years yet they are still fresh as new. Their new branch in Downtown Beirut is dazzling with its spacious green terrace and posh interior that will directly impress you. Their menu offers a wide variety of cold and hot mezza, fish specialties, sashimi and mashewe.
 From the cold appetizers we tried the Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Hommos, Motabbal, Wara2 3enab, Fresh Crab Salad, Sashimi Mix including Tuna, Salmon and scallops. 
•Our favorite dish was the Crab Salad consisting of extra fresh crab slices on a bed of cress (ba2le) with a light lemon oil seasoning. 
•The Salmon Sashimi was another favorite as the salmon slices were marinated with beetroot which gave it a sweet taste that mixed well with the soy sauce.
Our hot appetizers included: Balila, Potatoes with Summak, Samak Ras Asfour, Seafood Rakakat, Grilled Octopus, Scallop Trabolsiye and Teriyaki Fish. 
We really couldn't decide which platter between the Samak Ras Asfour or the Scallop Trabolsiye was our favorite because they were both extraordinary! 

•The Samak Ras Asfour consisted of deep fried fish fillet cooked in a one of a kind lemon soy sauce. We really can't describe how tasty this platter was!
•The Scallops Tripolitaine consisted of seared scallops served with spicy tripoli sauce, coriander, summak and toasted sesame seeds. The scallops were melting in our mouthes and the sauce was very impressive.
As main platters we had Grilled Fish and Marinated Grilled Shrimps. 

•The Grilled Fish was exceptional! It was one of the best we have ever had since it was well marinated, perfectly cooked and was too juicy. It was served with tarator which made it so enjoyable. 
•The Shrimps were amazing! Their marination was excellent! They were served with cocktail sauce.

Al Sultan Brahim offer a variety of desserts including fresh fruits to sweetly finish our seafood feast. Watermelon, Melon, Grapes, Biscuit Au Chocolat, Namoura and Maamoul were generously served to satisfy our sweet tooth.
Our experience at Al Sultan Brahim was memorable and that's because of many factors involving an impeccable service, a beautiful setting and most importantly fresh and delicious platters.

Location: Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut
Phone: 961 1 98 99 89.


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