A Delicious Sushi Experience at Yoshi in Gardens Dbayeh

We have significantly reduced our sushi dinners due to the unreasonable high prices and the very low quality of fish being used. Last week, we got to try the new branch of Yoshi in Gardens in Dbayeh after their previous one in Ain Saade. We were very impressed with the charming decoration though the music being played was not well blended with the concept. The menu is very simple with an ipad that shows you the pictures to make it easier for the client to know what to order.
We tried some of our classic makis and we also went for some unique items that Yoshi is famous for. 
From the appetizers:
•The Green Tea Noodles with Snow Crab was very special thanks to its green tea flavored noodles but we would have preferred if it was prepared with regular crazy crab as the fresh crab being used was a bit strange for us. The manager informed us that they will add the option to choose between the fresh crab or the regular one. 
•The Spicy Salmon and Avocado was pure orgasmic as it contained salmon and avocado with a wasabi based sauce which made it different from other places. We can’t wait to have it again.
•The Shrimp Balls were so delicious! They consisted of marinated deep fried shrimp balls served on a fried rice bread with a special dip. We loved covering each ball with the rice bread and dipping it in the sauce.

From the makis section our favorites were the Philly Salmon and the Kokonattsu. 
•The Philly Salmon were flavorful and fulfilling. 
•We were astonished that the coconut powder added to the coating of the normal salmon avocado roll gave a unique taste. It turned out to be excellent!
For dessert we had the Fried Bananas and the Chocolate Fondant. 
•The fried banana were impressive as they were fired with a layer of sugar that became a yummy caramel coating.
•The Fondant was more of a very moist chocolate cake but we enjoyed it.
We are glad we finally got to try Yoshi  in Gardens Dbayeh as it provided us with fresh food and delicious combinations for a very reasonable price.


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