Les Malins Hazmieh Love from the First Sight

One of the easiest tasks in Lebanon is to find a place to eat as there has been a restaurant boom in the past few years but it's very difficult to find "the" place that serves delicious and healthy food at the same time. Les Malins, a newly opened French Brasserie in Backyard Hazmieh was able to balance both conditions with its unique dining experience and its wide selection of sandwiches, salads, main platters and desserts.
•We started with the Kale aux Cranberries et Mangue Salad. It was a great beginning to our French feast. We have to praise the mixture between the sour taste of the kale and the sweetness of the mango and the cranberries. The walnuts added more texture to the salad and the simple lemon vinaigrette sauce made it very light and healthy. 
•From the hot appetizers section we had the Calamars comme des Spaghettis Bolognaises platter and it was divine! The calamars were cooked in parmesan cream and served on a bed of bolognaise sauce. We loved the textures and the flavors. 
•From the cold appetizers section we had the Carpaccio d'Artichauts à la Truffe. The artichoke slices were cooked to perfection and served in a refreshing lemon truffle sauce with rocket leaves and parmesan shaves on top. 
•We couldn't but have a sandwich so we went for the Feuilleté au Saumon Fumée. It consisted of smoked salmon slices on a puff pastry filled with chives cream. The salmon was very fresh, the puff pastry was perfectly prepared and the filling was so balanced which made this sandwich very enjoyable.
As main platters we had a Château Filet and a Saumon d'Ecosse Grillé. 
•Our "coup de coeur" was the grass fed Australian Beef Tenderloin served with "pomme douce frite" and "purée gratinée au parmesan, huile de truffe et chips" as accompagnements. The meat was succulent, extremely juicy, tender and full of flavors. It was one of the best steaks we have ever tried. It was served with a unique creamy mushroom pepper sauce that made it even better. This platter is an excellent choice for steak lovers. What we liked even more was the flavorful purée thanks to its creamy texture and truffle flavor.

 •The Saumon d'Ecosse Grillée is the perfect choice for healthy food fans. It consisted of a big slice of grilled Scottish salmon fillet served on a bed of dried raisin couscous with a special lemon based sauce on the side. It was finger licking good.

When we say French Brasserie we can't but start dreaming of the "pâtisserie".
•The mailleur Pain Perdu de Paris was literally a greatly prepared pain perdu with an extremely moist heart and crunchy outing. The maple syrup and red fruits coulis were the healthier version of the caramel sauce but they did their job and delivered a wonderful version of this dessert.
• La Belle Pavlova was a pure joy for meringue lovers as it combined ice cream, and red fruits which made it light and super delicious.
We were very impressed with Les Malins whether from the tasty, beautifully presented and light on the stomach food, or the impeccable service. The idea of creating a healthy twist of our favorite food items is a superb initiative from their side. They showed us that they are really "malins" in terms of food preparation. Our slogan for this restaurant is Love at first bite.

Location: Backyard Hazmieh
Price Range: 30$
Rating: 9/10
Phone Number: 81 600 640


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