Indian Night at Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel Beirut

When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone and tried a new cuisine? 
We have welcomed different types of food to our Lebanese culture from American, Italian, Chinese, French, Syrian and even Japanese but the Indian food is still an outsider in our culture. Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel in Ain El Mreysseh Beirut decided to take us on an Indian adventure every Thursday night to a scrumptious culinary journey through the many flavors of India. Guests will experience a diverse buffet featuring the tastiest cuisine from every corner of India which includes salads, their wide variety of main platters, their fresh spiced bread and of course desserts.
The buffet consists of 5 main sections: the bread section, the Lebanese mezza section, the Indian cold appetizers, the hot Indian food and the Indian/International desserts. There was also a guy serving chicken wings marinated in Indian spices. 
•There was a variety of bread including 3 typical Indian varieties. We loved them especially the fried one with lots of spices. Dipping them in the hommos was divine. 
•The lebanese mezza included the fresh tabbouleh, the creamy hommos, chini chat salad based on the chickpeas but with an Indian touch, moutabbal, beetroot and a bery special fruit salad but with sour spices. 
•The Indian cold appetizers included a very tasty rice with mango and curry dressing, cucumber raita (cucumber and yoghurt with spices), bitter gourd salad, delicious potato salad tossed in spicy dressing and other vegetable based platters. 
•From the Indian hot platters we couldn't but try and keep adding Curry Chicken with Basmati Rice. We are huge fans of this dish and it was one of the best we ever had! The chicken slices were succulent, the sauce was perfectly balanced and the rice was well cooked. It was our coup de coeur. 

•The desserts were our guilty pleasure of the night since the Indian food is really healthy but when it comes to desserts there's no place for "healthy". There was 7 Indian desserts and 4 international ones including cheesecake, chocolate cake, tarts and a fruit salad. From the Indian ones we loved the rice ball that comes cooked in a special sweet and spicy sauce, the rice pudding that is similar to our "riz b halib", the gulab jamun that are kind of "sfouf" but served in a sweet sauce and the warm banana fritters in coconut sauce. We tried also the other desserts but the least that we can say is that our sweet tooth was really pampered.

 Our taste buds went on a bungee jumping trip after our lavish meal where all our senses were wide awake thanks to the spices and the aroma that we miss in our daily food. 
Indian food will satisfy your senses by spicing them up a little with this Taste of India journey every Thursday.
Price: 35$ including soft drinks.
Location: Radison Blu Martnez Hote, Ain El Mreysseh, Beirut 1267
Phone Number: 01 368 111


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