Bou Melhem Good Food for a Very Reasonable Price

We always get blinded when we want to try new restaurants to dine in that we forget to try those in our neighborhood and sometimes we end up missing a lot. Bou Melhem a Lebanese restaurant in Sin El fil facing the municipality has been making a lot of buzz recently from its live entertainment to its delicious food.
We started with the Fattoush and Raheb Salad. They were very delicious because the ingredients used were very fresh and the portion was very generous. The sauces were very balanced and made the salads very refreshing and tasty.
Then we had a bunch of cold mezza. 
•The Hommos was one of the best we had thanks to its ultra creamy texture and balanced taste. 
•The Hommos Rocca was phenomenal! You should definitely try it! It consisted of a mixture of the normal hommos with rocket and topped with crushed smoked almonds. We couldn't stop saying yummy after each bite!
•The Mouhammara was very good as it was mildly spicy and perfectly mixed. 
•The Batenjen Bethini was also ver creamy and well blended. 
•The Wara2 3enab were amazing and they reminded us of grandmother's homemade wara2 3arish.
What made the mezza even more enjoyable was the basket of freshly baked hot bread that was constantly served with the food.
From the hot mezza we had Grilled Halloum, Rakakat, Lahme Ras Asfour and Batata Harra. 
•We loved the Halloum especially that it was served with pickled figs. 

•The Rkakat were grilled and that didn't stop them from being crunchy and filled with yummy melted cheese. 
•The Lahme Ras Asfour was excellent! It was the first time that we have it with mushrooms and we loved it. The meat was succulent and it was marvelously cooked with the pomegranate molasses which made it dreamy. 
•We couldn't stop eating the Batata Harra because it was one of the few times that they were not oily and were perfectly seasoned.
As main platter we had the mixed Mahewe platter that contained Lahme, Taouk, Kafta and kastaleta with grilled vegetables and fries. 
All in all the mashewe were finger licking good! The lahme was superbly tender, juicy and well marinated. The taouk was tender and mixed perfectly with the garlic and fries. The kafta was very good.
After this huge feast, we skipped desserts for some fresh fruits so that we feel less guilty. Watermelon and grapes were stars of the table. They highly refreshed us.

We were impressed with our experience at Bou Melhem where the service was impeccable, the food was good and where we felt cozy in a spacious restaurant.

Address: Sin El Fil, Dimitri El Hayek Street, Sin El Fil
Phone: 01 497 667
Average Price: 30$
Rating: 8/10


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