The J's a New Cool Diner in Hamra

Opening a restaurant is one of the hardest missions right now because customers are not looking anymore for good food but for a complete dining experience that they can relate to. Creating an identity for a place is not an easy task to do but we were recently impressed with the newly opened Amercian diner The J's in Hamra, Mkadessi street, where was previously located Gloria Jeans coffee shop. 
The J's is characterized by a cozy and causal diner with a wide range of choices from burgers, salads, wings, sandwiches, yummy milkshakes and desserts.
We wanted to start guilt-free so we directly picked a salad but not any salad, the Bangkok Beef salad which was very delicious. It contained marinated Australian black Angus beef slices, shredded carrots and cucumbers, radishes, pickled ginger and red pepper on a bed of cabbage, all topped with crispy noodles. It was served with a tasty citrus ginger sauce. The ingredients were extremely fresh and the beef slices were very tender and juicy.
We then passed to the appetizers:
•The Sticky Buffalo Chicken Strips were exceptional as the chicken breasts used were so tender and the marination was perfect. They were mildly spicy and highly enjoyed with the ranch dip. 
•The Cheesy Pops consisted of a breaded mix of gouda and cheddar cheese with cajun spices. They were fried to perfection and served on a bed of tomato piquant sauce that was mildly spiced. We loved them.
From the Sliders section (burgers without fries or side salads) we had the classical All Star. It consisted of black Angus beef patty topped with melted cheddar, lettuce pickles and J's special sauce all in a fluffy potato bun imported straight from the US. It was one of the best burgers we have ever had! We can't describe how good the patty was! We just fell in love with it.

From the Burgers section we had the Urban and it was a great choice. It's like the All Star burger but with sautéed onions and gouda cheese instead of the cheddar. Of course the same finger licking good patty and fluffy bun made the burger a piece of art not to mention the wonderful flavor added by the gouda cheese. It was served with a cup of coleslaw salad and a generous portion of non oily French fries.

And finally from the Sandwiches section we tried the Cheesy Steak. It was very good with its perfectly marinated shredded beef filet, caramelized onions, mushrooms, Emmental cheese and J's special sauce. The baguette was freshly baked which made it very fresh and crispy. It was a great ending to the savory part of our dinner.

Milkshakes are a ritual in American diners so we couldn't but end our dinner in a sweet way so we tried the Lotus and the Nutella Milkshake. Both were beautifully presented and tasted like heaven.

We enjoyed our experience at The J's not only because of the premium quality they use and the service is impeccable but also for the generous big portions and reasonable prices. Thank you J's for the true American dining experience we had! Looking forward for our next visits.

Location: Makdessi Street, Hamra Lebanon
Price Range: 15$
Rating: 8.5/10
Phone Number: 01-742433


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