Sud Restaurant New Branch in Dbayeh

There is no place for boredom in Lebanon as there are always new restaurants and exciting new pubs to try. Sud opened its second branch in Dbayeh a few weeks ago, facing Spinneys parking after making a lot of buzz in Mar Mikhael. The place is very cozy with a relaxing interior and a spacious garden area.
We started with the Salmon Tartare. It was beautifully presented with avocado paste and 2 bread sticks. The salmon were very fresh but we would have preferred of there was more lemon sauce.
From the tapas section we had the Shrimps with Chorizo. The shrimps were cooked to perfection and the marination was very delicious.

As goat cheese lovers, we had the Goat Cheese Croquettes. They are the same as the cheese balls but filled with goat cheese. They were very crispy and not oily. They were served with tomato balsamic dip but a jam dip would have been a better match.
For mains we had the Angus Beef Burger. It was a great choice thanks to the succulent patty that was still juicy although we asked for it to be well cooked. The bread was very fluffy and the aged cheddar cheese added a lot of taste to the burger. It was served with a French fries basket that were very crunchy.
For desserts we had the Intense Chocolate Mousse and the Rose Mille-Feuille. 
The mousse is definitely a dessert to share because it is prepared with dark chocolate and cream which made it divinely rich. 
The mille-feuille was phenomenal as the puff pastry layers were very crispy and the filling was very creamy with a mild rose flavor. It was topped with whipped cream and served with a strawberry soup. We loved it.

We love how detailed the food at Sud is and the great quality of ingredients they use.

Location: Facing Spinney's Parking, Dbayeh, Lebanon
Phone: +961 81 666481
Average Price: 30$ per person


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