Kitchen Yard​ the Restaurant making the most buzz at The Backyard Hazmieh​

The Backyard is the newest restaurant complex in Hazmieh with a total of 17 diners and pubs. The restaurant that has been getting a lot of buzz in that project is KitchenYard and that's because it's the most spacious place with a stunning rooftop and lots of greeneries, plus the fact that it serves international modern food with signature mocktails and cocktails.
We started our visit with their special fruity mocktails that were very refreshing and beautifully presented.
•For appetizers we had the Halloumi bites that consisted of pastry dough filled with Halloum cheese and pesto. They were crispy, not oily and full of taste. A tomato basil dip accompanied the dish.
•From the salad section we had the Shrimp Jap which contained marinated spicy shrimps, avocado, iceberg, coriander and cucumber with  sesame sprinkles and sweet chili dressing. We enjoyed the freshness of the ingredients but we would have preferred if the sauce was more condensed and less sweet.
As mains we had the Beef Burritos and Linguini Truffle.
•The Beef Burritos were exceptional. The portion was very generous plus they were served with delicious crispy potato wedges and 3 dips: sour cream, pico de gallo and guacamole. The tortillas were loaded with succulent, grilled to perfection beef and covered with melted cheddar cheese. We loved the combination and the explosion of flavors in every bite.

•The linguine with truffle was good. It consisted of linguini cooked in fresh cream with shredded fresh asparagus, salsa tartufata, white truffle oil and cheese. We would have loved if it was more creamy or contained more sauce but all in all it was a tasty platter. 
For desserts, we were advised to have the Apple Crumble Pie that was a delicious treat especially that we like cinnamon. It was very fresh and served with vanilla ice cream.
We were impressed by the food and the beautiful positive "green" ambiance at KitchenYard. Their great service and generosity in food add a lot of value to the overall experience.
 Location: The BackYard Hazmieh, Lebanon
Price Range: 25$
Rating: 8/10


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