DUO Restaurant​ Takes Over Broumana

Broumana became the place to hang out this summer in Lebanon and that's because of its cool weather and the big variety of restaurants. Duo recently opened its 3rd branch in Printania Villa offering delicious food in a beautiful outdoor setting.
We started with the most famous item at Duo which is the Onion Soup. What makes it special is the fact that it is served in a specially baked bowl-like bread. It was really a star item to us; we loved its creamy texture, consistent taste and the delicious melted cheese on top.
When we read crispy salmon we can't but order it so we had the Duo Spicy Crunchy Salmon. It was phenomenal! The salmon were very fresh and perfectly marinated. What was better were the crispy crumbs mixed with the salmon pieces which made them evenly spread.
As mains we had the Pepperoni Pizza and the Veal Piccata.
•The Pepperoni Pizza was a good choice. The dough was perfectly prepared and baked, the tomato sauce was tasty and the pepperoni were fresh and added a lot of flavor to the pizza.

•The Veal Piccata was finger licking good. The meat was succulent and the slices were very crispy without being oily. It was topped by a green salad with lemon dressing which made it feel lighter. On the side were lying some golden, ready to eat crunchy fries.
Duo is famous not only for having a big variety of desserts but also for excelling in preparing each and every one.
•Our weak point, the Fondant, was a treat to our sweet tooth. It was prepared with premium quality dark chocolate which made it very rich in taste without being too sweet. It made us drool!
•The Profiterole were the summer dessert by excellence. The dough was very good and generously filled with chocolate and vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate syrup on top.
•The Apple Pie was exceptional thanks to its yummy dough, caramelized apple slices and consistent cinnamon flavor.
What we love about Duo is that it offers classic items that everybody loves in a very simple menu. Don't forget to reserve ahead as it's a full house every night.

Rating: 8/10
Price Range: 30$
Location: Printania Villa, Broumanna, Metn
Phone Number: 04 863 386


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