Wednesday Nights by the Beach at Eddésands Hotel & Wellness Resort​

Beirut Nightlife can get a little bit annoying during summer with the humidity, the heat and the traffic so activities outside the city are highly attractive. Thankfully, Eddé Sands are organizing "Pieds dans L'eau" buffet, every Wednesday night, an outside the box event where you get to spend the night on the sand by the beach with beautiful melodies in the background.
The evening started with a variety of bruschetta topped with brie cheese, labneh with pesto and parma ham along with your favorite cocktails and nuts. 
Then came the buffet with a variety of salads and BBQ.
There were around 6 types of salads such from the grilled veggies to the blue cheese and walnuts, the Mexican chicken salad, the mixed green with eggplant and many more. The ingredients were extremely fresh and the presentation of the salads was amazing. Our favorites were the Mexican Chicken thanks to its juicy chicken slices, cheddar cheese and spicy tasty sauce, and the blue cheese with its beautifully cut iceberg lettuce and consistent sauce.

The BBQ consisted of hotdogs, mini burgers, chicken breast and steak. The chicken breast and steak were perfectly grilled, the meat was succulent and they were very well marinated. We loved them. We couldn't but try the hotdog and the mini burger and they were impressive as well.

The dessert section included melon and watermelon plus an ice cream freezer serving 6 flavors: strawberry, ashta, vanilla, coffee and lemon.

We enjoyed our quick getaway to Edde Sands where we got to dine in in a casual fun way out of the ordinary.

Location: Jbeil, Lebanon
Price: 36$ excluding drinks
Phone Number: 961-9-546666


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