Euro Cup Vibes at Bodø Beirut in The Village Dbayeh

Going out is becoming easy and hassle free with all the food compounds that are opening in convenient areas which are easily accessible to the crowd. Bodo a cozy pub in The Village Dbayeh offers a variety of cocktails and drinks that are reduced during happy hour in addition to tasty bites to enjoy in between.
•We started with the Thai Beef Salad. It consisted of a bed of fresh mixed greens topped with beef slices and shredded cucumber with sesame lime sauce. The beef slices were tender and juicy and the sauce was tasty and refreshing. The salad was a good choice to start our dinner.
•We then had the Buffalo Chicken Dip. The ingredients were not mentioned on the menu so we were curious to discover what it was about. It was served as a jar with some tortilla chips on the side. The jar contained a mix of juicy and tender chicken slices with red beans, tomatoes and potatoes in a special buffalo dip and topped with melted cheese. We loved dipping the tortillas in this delicious mix.
•Last but not least we had the Tacos. They were beautifully served each one in a stand. They contained marinated beef slices with corn, tomatoes, spring onions and sour cream sauce. The tacos were very crispy and the beef was well cooked. We would have preferred if the marination was a bit stronger to have a richer flavor.
We ended our dinner with the Chocolate Calzone which is the Italian style oven baked chocolate pie filled with Nutella, bananas and nuts. The dough was very good and the filling was generous. It was a great ending to our experience.
We loved our Bodo experience in the Village Dbayeh where you can enjoy a meal with a great crowd surrounding you from nearby pubs.

Price Range: 25$
Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Village Dbayeh, Dbayeh Old Road
Phone Number: 03-234269


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