Burger Bros. a New Restaurant in Byblos Jbeil

Social Media is becoming a blessing to restaurants as they directly get a lot of buzz whenever a user posts a picture of their meals on Instagram or Facebook and that was how we got introduced to Burger Bros in Jbeil just before the old souks. The place is very interesting with an open kitchen and an outdoor terrace.
We tried the Geneva Mushroom Burger (Swiss mushroom) and as blue cheese lovers we couldn't but have the Gorgon Burger. 
Both burgers were not fully enjoyed because the buns were old; they were not fluffy and the patties had a unappetizing taste although they were juicy. 
What we loved about the burgers are the sauces used because they were generously spread and tasted good. 
•The Geneva Mushroom Burger contained lettuce, pickles, fresh mushrooms and Geneva sauce. The sauce had a consistent taste and was very creamy. 
•The Gorgon Burger contained fresh rocket leaves, fresh tomatoes, pickles, blue cheese chunks and blue cheese sauce. The blue cheese flavor was very present thanks to the well executed sauce and the chunks.
The burgers are served with a side salad, fries, a cup of cheddar sauce and a complimentary soft drink. 
The fries were very crispy, non oily and very addictive with the cheddar sauce.
We couldn't continue the burgers because of the bun and patty which made the owner notice. He apologized without arguing, which is the first time that happens with us in Lebanon, and asked about the problem. He suggested to change it but we were already full. He insisted then that the bill was in the house but we refused so he offered us desserts; Guilty Nutella Mousse and Mother of all Puddings. 
•The Nutella Mousse consisted of a creamy Nutella mousse with crushed Oreo biscuits and roasted hazelnuts. It was mildly sweet and tasty. 
•The Pudding consisted of vanilla pudding, crushed lotus biscuits and slices of fresh bananas. It was very refreshing.
We were impressed big time with the great service at Burger Bros and the interesting food combinations. With some modifications in the meat and the bun the place will be a shrine for burger lovers.
Location: Old Souk, Jbeil, Jbeil District
Phone: 09-541241
Price Range: 12$


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