A Fun Day Trip at Chateau Kefraya

The best way to enjoy your country is to visit it like a tourist. Lebanon has many villages and destinations that we can explore during the weekend to break the routine. Our latest one was to Chateau Kefraya, about an hour drive away from Beirut, where we found ourselves in the middle of nature with mountains on our right side and vineyards surrounding us.
 Our day started with a free wine tour: we witnessed the procedure of the production of the wine from A to Z, the massive machines used and the caves where all the barrels are stored. A wine tasting session followed the educational tour and we got to try a variety of their wine.
Fun was also included in this trip since there is an option to ride a really cool truck that tours around the vineyards and stops in a historical spot. We explored some Roman ruins and saw the beautiful grapes.
To top the experience, Chateau Kefraya organzies an international buffet every Sunday in their gorgerous restaurant. The buffet offers a variety of dishes from salads, to main platters and desserts, with open wine and soft drinks for 55$ per person.
We started with the salad section that included 8 different salads including tabbouleh and fattoush, and of course the Lebanese star mezza items; the hommos and moutabbal batenjen.We were first tempted to try the Beef Peanut salad with its colorful appetizing presentation. It was very delicious thanks to its tasty peanut butter sauce and succulent beef slices. 
•The Rocca Parmesan salad was very light and yet full of flavors. The rocket leaves were very fresh and it had a generous amount of parmesan shaves, fresh mushrooms and walnuts. Its balsamic sauce was very balanced.
•The Shrimp Quinoa salad was the "vitamin loaded" dish thanks to its healthy ingredients: boiled shrimps, white quinoa, rocket leaves and of course the lemon oil dressing.
•And finally we tried the Chicken Caesar salad and it was up to the expectations as it contained the typical ingredients but to make it healthier while giving a crunchy taste, they used green peas instead of the croutons.
We didn't want to get full from the salads because the main platters were already calling us, but when salmon is involved we can't but have a bite. In the middle of the salad buffet, stood gloriously 2 big platters of fresh marinated salmon. We tried some slices with the capers and we fell in love.
Time for the main platters; Château Kefraya wanted to fulfill everyone's desires so they prepared beef, chicken and fish, served with either rice, cooked vegetables or potato purée.
•We adored the steak as it was succulent, juicy and very well marinated. The sauce was very consistent and full of flavors. We had it with a portion of creamy potato purée.
•Our second love was the Chicken Paprika cooked in a creamy paprika sauce that was mildly spicy and finger licking good. We ate the chicken with a cup of rice.
There is always place for desserts even when we are full from savory food and especially that the dessert buffet at Château Kefraya was tempting us in an incredible way.
We drooled when we saw the divine tiramisu, the chocolate pie, the meghli, the chocolate mousse and the cheesecake.
We really can't say what was our favorite because whenever we tried a new dessert we confirmed that it was the best. So we ended up eating all of them and now as we are writing this review we regret not eating more and more.

After our royal lunch, we took a walk towards the beautiful castle on top of the hill; the residence of Michel De Boustros, founder of Château Kefraya. From the top we could overlook the beautiful vineyard fields and we left the domaine filled with positive vibes and delicious food. It was a memorable day!

The buffet is for 55$ per person
The tour and wine tasting are for free
The train ride is for 10.000 L.L.
Location: Route Koub Elias, Kefraya
Phone Number:+ 961 8 645 333/444


  1. Chateau Kefraya Great place ever i seen . This amazing place to visit for anyone. Thank you for sharing with us.


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