A Fun Casual Dinner at Centrico in Badaro

We are very familiar with the Italian, American, Japanese and French cuisines but it is not really the case with the Spanish one. Beirut lacks Andalusian restaurants and Centrico a cool resto pub in Badaro decided to fill the gap. It's located outside the badaro gates behind Mc Donalds and next to Alb Yasou3 Church where you can easily find a parking spot without the annoyance of valet parking. Besides a wide variety of cocktails, their menu has something for everyone; tapas, salads, delicious sandwiches, main platters and desserts.
We started with 
•The Turkey Croquetas were very tasty. They consisted of cheese with Turkey all in a crunchy bread coating. A special dip came along with the platter. 
•The Chicken Quesadillas were literally the BEST we ever had! They were served in a special flower like tart dough instead of the tortilla bread that we know. Each divine flower was filled with chicken slices cooked in an exceptional sauce with cheese vegetables and a jalapeño slice on top. They were an explosion of taste. We highly recommend them. Ps: they were a bit spicy. 
•The Provoletta Cheese Melt with Bread is the Spanish way of the cheese fondue. It was phenomenal! The dip was simply orgasmic served on a candle with a basket of toasted bread. 
•The Patatas Bravas at Centrico are the healthier version of the traditional patatas bravas as they are served baked. They consist of small potatoes baked with a yummy special sauce.
•Finally, the Salmon Roll were fresh but the apple inside should be replaced with another kind of fruit. But anyway thumbs up for the creativity in trying to combine new ingredients to traditional food.
We then passed to the salad and we couldn't but try Centrico's specialty which is the Centrico Salad. It consisted of a bed of mix greens with roasted walnuts, pomegranate, endives, Parma ham slices, mango slices and cherry tomatoes all in a raspberry vinegar dressing. The ingredients were extremely fresh and they gave the perfect mix. The sweetness added by the mango plus the sweet and tangy sauce made the salad very enjoyable.
As main platter we had the Centrico Chicken Sandwich because the waiter advised us to have as it's a star item on their menu. It consisted of 3 slices of pain de campagne filled with grilled chicken breast, Parma ham, Emmental, wild rocca, scrambled eggs, fresh tomato with a mayo mustard sauce. It tasted like the club sandwich but the positive thing about it was the right amount of sauces that made it moist while keeping the crispiness of the borders of the bread slices. The chicken slices were succulent and the ingredients were fresh. It is a must try.
For Dessert we had the Crêpe Nutella. We loved the homemade taste of its dough. It was generously filled with Nutella and served with strawberries. What a lovely sweet way to end our Spanish night.
We were very impressed by the food at Centrico and how delicious it was. You can party at Centrico without having to stress about traffic, finding a parking spot or having a bad meal. Plus they offer 50% discount on all their drinks menu during their happy hour from 5 to 8.
Location: Badaro Trade Center, Alam Street, Badaro, Beirut
Phone: 01 393699
Rating: 8/10
Price Range: 25$


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