Life with a View at the The Roof Beirut​ in Four Seasons Hotel Beirut

It's becoming hard to impress your date when you take her/him because they have almost been to most of the romantic hip restaurants in town. But in case you want to higher the standards, the The Roof at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut is a wonderful idea. Refreshing cocktails or delicious bites enjoyed at the highest rooftop in Beirut will definitely taste better with a 360 view of the Mediterranean sea where the stars are nearest to you.
Before even thinking about the food, visiting a rooftop always makes echo to some refreshing drinks while gazing the sunset, so we were eager to try the Mocktails since we are huge fans of fruity non alcoholic drinks. We tried Camouflage and Banana Cow.
•Camouflage consisted of pineapple, passion fruit, fresh lemon and strawberries. It was very refreshing, full of flavors and vitamins and most importantly a stress management drink whether by its extraordinary taste or the way it was served with a bubble wrap. Who doesn't love to pop the bubbles?
•Banana Cow consisted of coconut cream, fresh banana, milk chocolate and marshmallows. It was an orgasmic kind of drink with its creamy texture and marvelous taste.
We loved its appealing presentation and attractive color mix.
We started with our favorite appetizers; the Spicy Tempura Calamari and the Edamame with Rock Salt and Smoked Paprika.
•The Tempura Calamari were phenomenal! They were extremely crispy, non oily and very flavorful. They were served with a unique spicy mayo dip that made us drool.
•The Edamame were the healthy part of our appetizers. They were perfectly cooked and seasoned with the right amount of salt and paprika.
As mains we had a variety of sushi and sashimi including our favorite makis. They were very fresh and tasty especially the salmon and the tuna sashimi. We loved eating sushi while enjoying the view because sushi is the kind of chill food that goes very well with the ambiance of The Roof with sunset drinks.
For dessert we had the Mini Ice Cream Buns with Grué de Cacao. They were served with a cup of chocolate dip. We loved the mixture of the textures and the mild sweetness of these bites. At the end, the platter looked as if there was a chocolate crime scene.
We loved our Four Seasons experience at the Roof as everything was perfect; the music, the service, the view and the excellent cocktails. We can't wait to create more memories at this beautiful hotel.

Address: 1418 Prof. Wafic Sinno Avenue, Minet El Hosn, Beirut
Phone:01 761 000


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