Arabesque Iftar at the Four Seasons Beirut

Ramadan is the perfect time for families to get together and to bond back with friends and loved ones over a delicious warm iftar. We got to experience an Arabesque iftar at the Four Seasons Hotel Terrace where you get to admire the beautiful view of Beirut while smoking your shisha or having a refreshing cocktail. There is a variety of items that you can choose from from their menu including some vegetarian dishes, main platters and fruit cocktail mixes. 
The Iftar starts with Jallab and Amar El Din. 
Then come the traditional Yellow Lentil Soup with its warm and appetizing taste and its creamy buttery texture. 
The majestic Lebanese Cold and Hot Mezza Tray made its appearance then with numerous items. 
•the Fattoush and the Tabbouleh were very refreshing thanks to their balanced lemony sauces and extremely fresh vegetables. 
•The Hommos with lahme and pine nuts it was very creamy and tasty. 
•The Cheese Rakakat were non oily and were filled with delicious flavorful cheese.  
•The Kebbe were crispy and delicious as they contained minced meat with pine nuts and cheese.  
•The Halloumi Rakakat were . 
•The Soujouk Pomegranate Molasses were very addictive with their exceptional sauce and good quality meat. 
•The Shrimps Harra were very innovative as we never tried them before and they were an explosion of tastes with their mildly spicy special red sauce. 
There were also many other items such as the Moutabbal, Spinach Fatayer, Batata Harra, Fish Tajin, Loubieh Bel Zet, Sfiha and Fattet Batenjen with Awarma. 
We were then served freshly baked saj mana2esh with jebneh or zaatar. 
As main platter you get to choose between Veal Laban Emmo, Mixed Grill, Chicken with Herbs and Butter or Pan Seared Sultan Ibrahim. 
We tried the Mixed Grill and it was a great choice. It consisted of Lahme, Kastaleta, Kebab and Taouk served with grilled vegetables. The meat of the kebab and lahme was succulent and well maritnated. The taouk were perfectly grilled and well seasoned. 
Not to forget the refreshing fresh fruits cocktails with twists that add more charm to the whole experience; the mango with cinnamon and the watermelon with ginger were the queens of the night.

 An iftar is never complete without the Lebanese sweets that have a different meaning during the holy month of Ramadan. 
The desserts tray consisted of Lebanese Sweets selection that we all love such as the Halewe Bjeben, Karabeej, Znoud El Set, Kellej and many more. Plus of course some international items; chocolate mousse, profiteroles and peanut butter biscuits. Fresh fruits salad and a variety of ice cream flavors were middling this island of desserts. 
Four Seasons Hotel always impresses us with its beautiful ambiance, great food and professional service whether on their terraces or their breath taking rooftop on the 27th floor.


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