A New Cool Concept at Goji Pizza

We always hear people nagging that they are not keeping up with the restaurants opening in Beirut but we have to share the new concept that opened in Mar Mikhael next to Classic Burger Joint last week. Goji is a quick food joint that is famous for his French bread based pizza where the chef prepares everything infront of you.
We thought that since we love French bread and pizza then the "French Bread Pizza" would be a great combination. The chef prepares them on half toasted French baguette on which he adds the ingredients and he then bakes them in an electrical oven. The bread becomes really crispy and delicious.
We had the Halloumination and the Pepperoni as salty sandwiches. The ingredients used were very fresh and the cheese was very tasty.
•The Halloumination was very light with the pesto spread, vegetables and halloumi cubes yet it was flavorful. It can also be a perfect breakfast!
•The Pepperoni was excellent with all the flavors it had thanks to the mildly spicy tomato sauce and the delicious pepperoni slices. The melted generous cheese made it even better.

For dessert we had the Holy Oreo and the Choco Mallow.
•The Holy Oreo was phenomenal! We loved the buttery crispy bread on which were added the Oreo crumbs, the special white creamy sauce and the Goji berries.
•The Choco Mallow was divine as it contained grilled marshmallows and Nutella. The combination with the French bread was a success!

We were very impressed by the hygiene and the good quality of the ingredients used at Goji.
We enjoyed this quick bite joint since it's always good to be creative with food and his meals turned out to be light yet fulfilling.
Average price: 10$ per person.
Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael next to Classic Burger Joint


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