A Great Pizza Restaurant to try in Tripoli Una Pizza

Touring around Lebanon is a great idea to kill the routine and try new restaurants of course. Our last visit was to Tripoli where we got to see the old souks and try a famous Italian restaurant Una Pizza that is facing B2B in Achier El Daya area. The restaurant has a cozy interior and the prices are very good.
We had Diavola pizza from the normal pizzas section and Funghi Misti from the Pizza Bianca section which means special pizzas prepared with white sauce. 
The dough used was very impressive as it was very thin with crispy borders. We loved how light and tasty it was. 
•The Diavola pizza consisted of san marzano tomato sauce topped with fresh mozzarella, spicy pepperoni and virgin olive oil. The tomato sauce was very delicious, the pepperoni were fresh and flavorful and the mozzarella was the cherry on the top! 

•The Funghi Misti was exceptional! It consisted of creamy orgasmic white sauce topped with fresh white mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, fresh mozzarella and virgin olive oil. When we ordered this pizza we mentioned that we wanted some extra white sauce and we did not regret it at all. The pizza was illegally yummy.

We were promised since the moment we left Beirut that our dessert would be a knefe platter from Abd El Rahman Al Hallab. It was simply delicious and way better from its branches in Beirut.
We are glad we went out of our comfort zone and discovered a new city in Lebanon, a city that has a lot to offer.
Average price: 15$ per person. 
Rating: 8/10
Phone Number: +961 6 412 654
Location: Dam & Farez, Tripoli, Lebanon


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