A Great Lunch Spent at Al Azrak in Byblos Sur Mer​

The best way to impress your relatives and friends coming from abroad is to invite them over lunch in Byblos Sur Mer in their picturesque restaurant Al Azrak. This restaurant is situated in the middle of the sea where you will enjoy the fresh breeze and the clear blue water.
We started with the king and queen of the Lebanese feast; the Fattoush and the Tabbouleh. 
•The Fattoush was phenomenal with its fresh ingredients and delicious pomegranate molasses sauce. Crispy fried bread were served on the side to make it more tasty.
•The Tabbouleh was amazing since the ingredients used were very fresh and the sauce was very balanced; not too lemony and with the right saltiness.
We had a selection of cold mezza:
•The Hommos Marsa was very good as it had a creamy texture with cumin and pine nuts. It had the correct amount of hommos and tahini.
•The Moutabbal was beautifully presented and had a great taste. It was topped with pomegranate and walnuts that made it special to Al Azrak.
 •The Combo Navy consisted of raw fish covered with peanuts and served with soy and jalapeño dip. It was new to us yet we loved it.
•Finally, the Chanklish was delicious with the tomato cubes and onions.
From the hot mezza we tried the Poisson au Soja, Crevettes Rouges and Makanek.
•The Poisson au Soja consisted of sautéed fish slices cooked with soy sauce and sprinkled with pine nuts. They were flavorful and yummy.
•The Crevettes Rouges consisted of shrimps cooked in red sauce. The sauce was consistent and delicious and the shrimps were cooked to perfection.
•Lastly, the Makanek were a treat as they were cooked in a unique tangy pomegranate molasses sauce. The makanek were very tender and they were sprinkled with a generous amount of pine nuts.
As main platters we had Poissons Frites and Crevettes Cocktail.
•The Crevettes Cocktail were exceptional. They were fresh, perfectly cooked and well marinated which made them very addictive. They were served with cocktail sauce.

•The Poissons Frites were extremely fresh, non oily and full of flavors. They were served with fried bread.

The greatest thing about Al Azrak is that you can order any international item from Café Tournesol menu from pizzas to burgers and enjoy it in Al Azrak while your friends are eating fish.

We tried the Chicken Milanese; it consisted of 2 slices of chicken escalope served with a rocket salad and parmesan. The platter was very fulfilling and tasty.
Our dessert consisted of Lebanese Sweets, Turkish Delights, Mafrouke and Seasonal Fruits.
•We indulged in a platter full of Biscuit and Raha, Sfouf, Namoura, debs and maamoul.
•The Mafrouke and Ashta was overwhelming with some honey on the top.
•Our feast couldn't end without having a refreshing piece of watermelon.

A day trip to Byblos is always a good idea and it will get better if lunch is enjoyed at Al Azrak where good food and great service come together.

Average price: 30$ per person.
Rating: 8/10
Location: Byblos Sur Mer, Byblos Port, Jbeil, Lebanon
Phone Number: 09 737379


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