A Great Dining Experience at SUD Restaurant​ in Mar Mikhael

Mar Mikhael is one of the hottest spots in Lebanon and we try sometimes to avoid it as it's always over crowded. There is only one spot in that lively neighborhood that we can't but visit regularly which is the Sud and Bar Tartine little village where all the chaos disappears and the beautiful greeneries and nice music playing in the background take over the place.
Sud is a very cozy and relaxing fine dining restaurant where you can find a Mediterranean cuisine inspired from France, Italy, and Spain. The menu includes appetizers, salads, pizzas, main platters and lots of desserts.
We started with a bunch of appetizers and salads that we couldn't resist trying.
•The Crispy Chicken Strips with parmesan and tomato sauce were very good. They were very crispy without being too oily. The parmesan added an impressive flavor to the platter. We loved dipping them in the tomato sauce on the side.
•The Quinoa salad was a successful choice as it contained shrimps, avocado and pineapple. It was a very rich in taste platter and most essentially filled with vitamins. The lemon sauce added some tanginess to the mix and blended well with the pineapple slices.
•The star of our dinner was the Sea Bream Carpaccio served with melon and lime. It is the summery dish by excellence. Its presentation and colors reminded us of the shining sun and its taste was kind of an explosion of flavors. The platter was very refreshing and the tastes were perfectly balanced.
As main platters we had the unmissable Tartufo Pizza and the Black Angus Beef Fillet.
•The Tartufo Pizza contained black truffle cream, shaves of parmesan and salad. The dough was very impressive as it was thin and crispy and the truffle flavor was very present. We didn't like the parmesan shaves that were not covering all the pizza and had a strong taste that competed with the truffle; we would have preferred a melting cheese that should have covered all the pizza.
•The Black Angus Beef Fillet was an exceptional platter. It was served with caramelized onions and we chose fries over grilled vegetables. The meat was succulent, the caramelized onions were perfect and the sauce was impressive. The fries on the side were exceptionally crispy and non oily.

Our happy ending was when we saw and tasted the Pain Perdu, the Exotic Fruit Baba and the Chocolate Peanut Éclair.
•The Pain Perdu was one of the best in town with a caramelized layer folding the bread. The bread pudding was swimming in a lake of yummy secret sauce and was crowned with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream! We are craving it while we are making this description.
•The Exotic Fruit Baba was overwhelming. We tried it in many places before but none did impress us like this one, some were even inedible. The balance between the rhum and the exotic fruits sauce was more than successful and the cake was very moist. We have to praise the use of fresh fruits on the side!
•The Chocolate Peanut Éclair Is their divine creation that won the gold medal in Horeca ! It was really phenomenal! First of all the portion was very big for an éclair and there was an overdose of cream since it was filled with chocolate pastry cream and topped with caramel butter cream. This didn't even made it too sweet because the sweetness of this dessert was perfectly balanced. The roasted peanuts on the side made it more and more enjoyable.
Everything was perfect during our visit from the very comfortable chairs that we sat on to the great service that they provide. We felt the Mediterranean summer spirit in every platter we had due to the fresh exotic ingredients that they use. Sud offers a great fine dining experience in the heart of Mar Mikhael for a very reasonable price.

Average price: 40$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10
Location: Armenia Street, Facing Manar Gas Station, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Phone: 01 560900


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