A Great Concept to Try at Cup & Roll

Fast food concepts can be very unhealthy and boring but of course it doesn't apply to all of them as we recently tried Cup&Roll in Le Mall Dbayeh and we were very impressed. The idea is very simple rolls&cups filled with different ingredients such as the Swiss mushroom, four cheese, taco rolls and many others. 
They recently introduced a new breakfast menu and we were eager to try it since the new cups have a variety of eggs such as eggs, zaatar or bacon. The 5 breakfast cups are served everyday from 10 to 12 and include Halloumi Pesto, Bacon & Eggs, Bulgarian Cheese Mix, Zaatar Mix and Hash Brown & Eggs. Not to forget The sweet cups such as the Lemon Cheesecake Cup, Chocolate Tart Cup and many more. 
We loved how fresh each cup was and how crispy the dough was. 
They also have great combos for a very reasonable price during lunch and dinner.
We can't wait for new additions in their cup&roll family.

Location: Le Mall Dbayeh, Lebanon
Price Range: 11$
Rating: 8/10


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