A Cozy Dining Experience at Brass Beirut

Most restaurants are opening now in malls, shopping districts or in restaurants compounds which limits the privacy as you get to pump into all sorts of acquaintances and it leaves the place with no charm. Brass Beirut decided not to follow the trend and open in a calm neighborhood in Ashrafieh where you can enjoy a relaxing drink or a meal from its unique french fusion menu.
•We started with La Poutine and it was a royal beginning! It consisted of grilled potato wedges in an orgasmic typical Canadian poutine sauce with Comté cheese. We loved how tasty and consistent the sauce was!
•Our second appetizers were the Chicken Tempura served with apple ranch sauce and coleslaw. The chicken were perfectly fried without being too oily and the sauce was phenomenal. They were very addictive.
As main platters we had the English Roast Beef on Sourdough and the Shrimp Yellow Curry.
•The Roast Beef was very good. It consisted of medium rare cooked roast beef slices on crispy bread served with onion compote and melted Comté cheese. The flavors were perfectly blended together and we loved the juicy texture of the beef with the crispy texture of the bread.

•The Shrimp Yellow Curry was a rich platter specially if you are sea food lover. The shrimps were cooked in a creamy tasty curry sauce with vegetables. Each bite was an explosion of flavors. They were served with jasmine rice but it was over cooked. We would have preferred if it was "al dente".
For dessert we had the Deep Chocolate Cake. It was very moist and had a strong whiskey flavor in it. We were impressed also by the chocolate flavor that was very consistent. It was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that mad it more enjoyable.

We are glad we tried Brass as it introduced to us new platters in a relaxing cozy atmosphere.

Rating: 8/10
Average Price: 30$ per person
Phone Number: 03 240 980
LocationBaroudi Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut


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