Your New PlayDate the LG G5

Smart Phones are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury these days since they play a big role in making our lives easier and making the world a small city. Choosing a mobile can be very tricky due to the loads of options available in the market but one of the newest models from LG, the G5, impressed us directly with its design and the new features that everyone has been talking about especially the fact that you can add an additional part to the phone from a collection of 5 “Friends”.
We will not be detailing all the specs of the phone rather than the ones that really matter to us as bloggers: the design, the battery life and of course the camera.
We were also very interested to try a friend of the LG which is the Cam Plus.
The phone has a beautiful simple and classy design unlike the older LG smartphones. It is fully metal, the front is dominated with a beautiful 5.3 inch Quad HD Quantum display that curves gently away at the top. Underneath the screen is a thin metal band with an LG logo. The volume keys are now on the left side and not on the back which is more practical. On the back there is the power button/fingerprint scanner that works very smoothly.
Camera: We all don’t like going out hanging trillion of electronic devices more than our phones especially if we want to snap beautiful pictures knowing that the pro cameras are huge. Luckily in the mobile industry, cameras are getting more and more enhancement year after year. The LG G5 has a 16 megapixel lens that gives great vivid shots whether of food or exterior landscapes. The wonderful display (554 pixels per inch resolution) makes the photos a treat to the eyes with all the crisp details. One clear bonus with the G5 is its second 135-degree wide-angle lens. The dual-camera set-up brings new options to smartphone photographers and creates some truly unique shots. Not to forget the front cam with 8 megapixel lens that lets you take beautiful selfies. The camera is where the G5 really shines.

Battery Life: Another phobia we have as bloggers is the battery life of our devices as we can never see our battery dying in the middle of a food feast. LG G5 is powered by a 2,800mAh that makes it through the day but without heavy use or video taping. 
The “Friend”, Cam Plus:
Granted, the camera set-up makes the phone look a little weird and hard to put in the pocket. But the results from the camera are fun. It makes it easier to swap between the standard 16MP camera, which captures reliable photographs with crisp detail and pleasantly vivid colors, and the wide-angle set-up. The Cam Plus also adds an extra 1200mAh battery capacity to the G5, bringing its total to an impressive 4000mAh. The negative thing is that when you want to remove the Cam Plus your phone will power off because you have to remove the battery.
We loved the LG G5 thanks to its beautiful display, smooth and fast processor, amazing camera and the possibility to add gadgets so we profit from its capacities to the max.
The optional Cam Plus is not a must if you are willing to have a normal smartphone but it becomes very useful if you want more battery life without holding extra batteries or if you want to use your phone just like a proper camera!

Below are some amazing shots that we took with our new best friend the LG G5 that is available now in the market.


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