Launching of the Summer season at Indigo on the Roof Terrace

Hands down, Beirut has one of the best skylines in the world were you get to admire the sea and the mountains. Le Gray Hotel is perfectly situated in Downtown with its beautiful restaurant Indigo on the Roof that recently started the summer season by opening its terrace, where great food can be also enjoyed with a wonderful view.
We got to try a bunch of new salads including the Fresh Crab Salad, the Blue Cheese Salad and the Chicken with Spinach Salad. They were very refreshing thanks to the fresh ingredients.

As main platters we had Jumbo Shrimps and an assortment Barbecue platter.
•The Jumbo Shrimps were very delicious and fresh. It is very rare to find such quality in food that Le Gray offers.
•The Barbecue platter contained fish in banana leaf, steak, shrimps, salmon and chicken. They were well marinated and tasty.
For desserts we had a Limoncello Crème Brûlée which had a unique taste and an assortment of delicious ice cream that were so creamy.
Fridays will be on fire as Indigo is organizing a special set menu at their marvelous terrace that will take place every Friday for the summer season.
We enjoyed our dinner at Indigo on the Roof but the night was not over yet as the talented Samer Maroun was playing great hits on Cherry on the Top giving us a great ending. Samer Maroun will be taking over this beautiful venue every Friday.

Location: Le Gray Hotel, Level 6, Martyr's Square, Downtown, Beirut
Phone Number: 01-972000


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