Sushiwa​ is Back in Gemmayze Beirut

It rarely happens when a restaurant closes down and opens again few years later. Sushi Wa a famous sushi boutique previously located in Ashrafieh opened again in Gemmayze just next to Khawet Leila. We were excited to visit it again because of our good experiences there.
We started with our 2 favorite salads.
•The Kani salad consisted of crab sticks with carrots, cucumber, tobico and crispy in a mayo sauce. The crab were fresh and the quantity of mayo was adequate. The portion of the salad was very generous. All in all it was a good salad.
•The Crunchy Salmon contained salmon, crispy and tobico in a special mayo sauce. The salmon were extremely fresh plus they were served in an ice jar which maintained their freshness. We weren't big fans of the quantity of the mayo that was used as it dominated the salmon flavor.
From the sushi we had an assortment of ura makis: Crazy, Crispicy Salmon, Wild Geisha, Yellow Dragon and Mount Fiji.
•Our favorite was the Yellow Dragon since it contained our favorite ingredients; salmon, mango, Philly cheese and avocado. The mixture of the flavors was exceptional and the mango added a unique taste.
•The Crispicy Salmon were delicious with the big amount of salmon the contained and the tasty sauce used.
•The Crazy were good as the crab were fresh and the crispy were very crunchy which made the pieces enjoyable.
•The Wild Geisha were good but we would have preferred sashimi salmon over the smoked salmon used.
•Our least favorite were the Mount Fiji because the sauce used was very heavy and we felt like eating the rice with the sauce without the taste of the shrimps.
For dessert we had a Chocolate Fondant. We didn't like it because it felt like a moist chocolate cake. When we cut it there was no melted chocolate. It seemed over baked.
We enjoyed our dinner at Sushi Wa thanks to the great staff that were always ready to help and the good food quality. But they need to make some modifications in the food preparation to compete with other restaurants in the market.

Average price: 35$ per person.
Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Gouraud Street, Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone Number: 01 202402


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