Sticks&Maki a New Sushi Concept to Take Over Beirut

Sushi is becoming part of our daily lifestyle which helped in increasing the standards of Japanese restaurants in Beirut. Sticks&Maki a new sushi restaurant in Mar Mikhael just next to Memory Lane introduced a healthy fusion style that doesn't involve any fried ingredients just fresh fish combined with orgasmic sauces.
Sticks and Maki introduced a new concept to sushi places. Innovative and Healthy are their slogans: they prepare each roll with a special sauce, so you will not need to add soya like in other places in order to enjoy the food. They wanted to take the healthy concept to the limit so they eliminated crispy from their food, instead they use crispy rice. Plus they don't have this non ending menu with lots of choices of rolls that confuse you. The menu offers 15 special maki rolls, hot and cold starters, tatakis and a specialty S&M mini burgers. 
•We started with the plain and spicy edamame. They were both very good especially the spicy one that was really addictive. 
•Our next appetizers were the Spicy Shrimp Dumplings and the Truffle Shrimp Dumplings. They were perfectly cooked and we fell in love with the truffle flavor combined with the dumplings.
•Our "coup de cœur" were the sushi burgers! We can't describe how yummy and superb they were! We tried the chicken and the meat and both were excellent. They consisted of rice cake base topped with avocado sauce, succulent beef or chicken slice, cheese and finally a layer of sushi rice and sesame seeds. They tasted incredibly good. We adored them.

Finally came the time of the Makis. We tried all their 15 variety of rolls and none of them was similar to anything we had in any other sushi restaurant.
•Purple Moon roll contained red rice (rice made with beetroot)
•Mr. Yakuza had roast beef, radish and wasabi cream.
•The Kinowa roll contained red and white quinoa and peanuts
•TT consisted of butterfish, truffle paste and jalapeño. 

All the ingredients were very fresh and premium quality. The lightness of the rolls and the freshness of the ingredients made us eat a lot of pieces without feeling full.
We have to praise the spectacular presentation of the sushi pieces with the marvelous combination of colors that made them look like pieces of art.

We already tried the desserts at Memory Lane from ETC and we really loved them. Sticks & Maki serve the same desserts but with a new addition: the Green Tea Mille-Feuille. They also have refreshing mochis.
•We tried a bunch of dessert bites such as the cheesecake, the chocolate cake and many more. They were all overwhelming especially the crunchy chocolate cake.

•The mochis were one of the best we ever tried.

•The Green Tea Mille-Feuille had a mild green tea flavor in its pastry cream with crunchy layers of crust. It was very enjoyable.
We loved how innovative was the sushi concept that Sticks & Maki introduced, a concept that is not only healthy but also tasty, new and full of flavors.
Location:  Madrid Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Phone Number: 01- 562 806
Price Range:  25$ per person


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