Shisha Hills is Back

Summer began at Broummana and Shisha Hills opened its doors to a very fun season with lots of activities taking place from live music, football screenings and lots more to come.
 We got invited to the opening and got to try a variety of their Lebanese food.
•We liked the refreshing fattoush with its fresh ingredients and crunchy bread on top. 
•The garlic labneh was very good as well; it had a balanced garlic taste. 
•The hommos and moutabbal were very creamy and tasty. We loved dipping the lahem meshwe in them. 
•The mixed masheweh platter contained kafta, lahme and taouk with grilled tomatoes and onions. They were good especially the meat and the taouk.
Broummana is a great getaway this summer and we can't wait to spend more time in this beautiful village.


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