Happy Hours at Pablo Escobar in Vllage Dbayeh

It's rare to find a Mexican restaurant in Lebanon though their cuisine is very appetizing thanks to the combination of sauces, cheeses and spices used. Pablo Escobar a Mexican pub in the Village Dbayeh has been creating a lot of buzz because of its food and good vibes so we were very excited to try it especially when we knew that they do a happy hour on food everyday from 5pm to 8pm.
We wanted to try as many appetizers as we can because they were all very tempting plus they were at 50% off thanks to the happy hour. 
•We started with the Trozos De Papa or Potato Wedges. They were perfectly cooked with a crispy seasoned coating. The cheddar sauce on the side made them even more delicious. 
•We also had the Camarones Fritos or Deep Fried Shrimps. They were wrapped with osmaliyeh which made them very crunchy. The shrimps were fresh and had a good quality. They were served very beautifully; each shrimp in a cup filled with mango dressing. They were exquisite. 
•Our favorite item were the Crujiente De Pollo or Deep Fried Chicken Strips. They were phenomenal as each strip was very thin, with an extremely crunchy coating and tasty seasoning. They were served with a honey mustard dip. They were so addictive and delicious. 
•Last but not least, we had the Hongos Rellenos or Stuffed Mushrooms. They were served in a hot pan and we were pleased by their presentation even before trying them. They consisted of big fresh mushrooms filled with potatoes, bacon and cheese. The flavors were extraordinary! We advise you to have them first because they are heavy as appetizer.
We really enjoyed our afternoon at Pablo Escobar. The ambiance was marvelous, the service was very good and most importantly the food was impressive. We can't wait to visit the place again in order to try the Fajitas and Quesadillas.

Location: The Village Dbayeh, Old Road Dbayeh, Lebanon
Phone Number: 76 777 092


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