Finally Opens in Beirut Souks

Beirut has finally a deli or in other words a restaurant that serves fresh daily platters in addition to delicate sandwiches and meals that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Deli.Co is the third baby from the Co. family that introduced to us Brgr.Co and Pzza.Co.
The place in Beirut Souks is a treat to the eyes because of all the delicious items you will see from fresh ready salads to gourmet cold cuts and yummy pastries.We loved the concept of being able to see the chefs preparing your sandwiches in front of you.
We started our lunch with some smoothies that are new to the family of Co: the Banana Boom Smoothie and the freshly prepared Mango Basil Smoothie. They were excellent! 
•We loved the mixture of the mango with the basil as we never tried it or thought about it before. The smoothie was the definition of refreshing. 
•The Banana Boom was the perfect smoothie to get all the proteins you need; it contained bananas and almond milk and to make it sweet while keeping it healthy, they used dates instead of sugar. We simply loved it.
As for the food, we tried 4 of their sandwiches since we couldn't resist.
•Our first Sandwich was the Open Faced Scottish Smoked Salmon. It was one of the best salmon sandwiches we ever had. It consisted of country loaf toasted bread slices topped with a special spiced avocado sauce and fresh salmon slices. We loved the flavors after each bite. It was served with chips on the side. 
•We then passed to the Classic Chicken Club, an item that we never miss ordering. It was exceptional since it was full of yummy sauces and chicken were very well marinated and tender. The fried eggs and Gruyère cheese added more deliciousness to the sandwich. The bread was fresh and fluffy with crispy borders. The chips on the side and the dilled pickle made it more enjoyable. 
•Our "coup de coeur" was the Sweet'N Spicy Chicken Wrap! We can't describe the amount of flavors this wrap has to offer. It contained roasted and shredded chicken topped with romaine lettuce, tomato relish and spicy sweet chili sauce in a tortilla wrap with a side of chips.
The wrap had the right amount of spices. Spicy food lovers it is a must try. 
•Our last sandwich was something very new to us as it was brought directly from Montreal. The MTL's Old Fashioned Smoked Meat consisted of Montreal smoked brisket with mustard, served on Rye bread with a side of dill pickle. The meat was extremely tender, juicy and fresh! It's a very interesting sandwich to try if you are a meat lover.
Other than all the new sandwiches, salads and wraps brought by Deli.Co, there is a big attention given also to the desserts that are not fixed on the menu because they are daily prepared, not to forget also their Merry Cream. 
We tried a slice of the iconic Apricot Pie, a Marbled Brownie and a Double Chocolate Cookie. The Apricot Pie was overwhelming with the big slices of fresh apricot, the tasty pastry cream and the perfect dough. The Marbled Brownie was marvelous and the Cookie made us drool.
We adored Deli.Co, the new concept added to the famous Co family. The ambiance was wonderful with vintage songs and cozy friendly decor that make you feel in one of New York delis. The food was extraordinary and they made sure to take care of the smallest detail. We can't wait to try their breakfast menu.
Average price: 20$ per person.
Location: Beirut Souks


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