Culinary Heaven at Le Royal

To celebrate the success story of winning a record 21 medals at Horeca, Le Royal organized a Culinary Heaven night at their dazzling, boat look alike piano bar, Titanic where we had the chance to witness the marvelous creations of the exceptional chefs who showed that there is no limit to creativity. The dinner consisted of a special 5-course innovative Lebanese menu with a twist.
When we talk about creativity we can't but mention first the phenomenal Sorbet Tabbouleh that was the star of the night since we never thought of a sour sorbet. More than its unique taste, it was beautifully presented as a piece of art. It was everyone's favorite. 

Another interesting creation was the Mediterranean Aubergine and Octopus with pomegranate sauce and Romaine salad on the side. We loved the combination octopus-aubergine and the romaine salad added freshness to the dish. 
Our heart melted when we tried the Lobster Ravioli with Provencal sauce and Anise foam. The ravioli was perfectly cooked, the filling was very delicious and the sauce was amazing. 
Last but not least, the main course couldn't but add more enjoyment to our night! It consisted of Lamb Noisette with stuffed zucchini and young potatoes in an overwhelming thyme sauce.
Our night ended sweeter than we expected thanks to the assortment desserts platter from the Baked Amar Din with Sesame Molasse Biscuit to the Peanut Butter Halewet Jeben and the Lebanese Coffee and Cardamon Kashta. What was more remarkable than their taste was the way they were presented on a thin crispy yummy sablé crust.
We loved this gesture of appreciation from Le Royal where the Chefs were honored with the presence of the owner of Le Royal Group who greeted all the guests.We have to mention that Le Royal is giving back a 10% cash back on everything to their guests staying at this beautiful hotel.
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