BRGR Co. Yummy New Creations

Burgers are one of our favorite meals because there is always a new way to prepare them and the only Burger place that always keeps its high standards is BRGR Co.
•We started with our addiction: the Messy Chili Cheese Fries. We already talked a lot about these one of a kind fries that mix the chili con carne and the cheddar sauce on a bed of crispy fries. They disappeared in less than 2 minutes!
BRGR Co. continuously introduce special items to their menu and we never skip any of them because they never failed to impress us. 
•They recently introduced the Santana Burger so we hurried up to taste it. It was phenomenal! Since the moment it came we knew that something so delicious was waiting for us. We saw a golden crispy chicken slice topped with drenching sauce in a fluffy bun. From the first bite we felt the exceptional flavor of the spices used in the crunchy coating of the chicken. The chicken itself was very tender and juicy. The burger also contained guacamole sauce, corn and special mayo sauce which added more juiciness and made the burger a must try! We simply adored it. 
•We also tried their newest sandwich addition, the Philly Steak Sandwich, and we were amazed! It consisted of steak slices cooked in a special spicy sauce with cheese, red bell peppers and onions. We loved the consistency of the sauce coating the succulent steak slices. We can't but praise the quality of the ingredients used at BRGR Co.
 Our ritual consists of always having a Cheesecake Pudding and a Banoffee Cream Cheese Pidding as a sweet ending to our journey. Plus, they are 2 of our all time favorite desserts in Lebanon. 
•Our "coup de cœur", the Banoffee Cream Cheese Pudding is literally indescribable! Simply orgasmic. It has a crispy biscuit base, topped with a one of a kind cream and caramel mix with bananas.

•The Cheesecake Pudding was divine. We loved the mixture of the biscuit crumbs with the cream.
We highly recommend BRGR.CO not only for their great service, the variety of burgers they serve and the new items they keep introducing but also for their high standards in quality that they never compromise. Not to mention their to die for Truffle Fries and Banoffee Pudding.


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