Bent el Sultan بنت السلطان One of the New Restaurants You Should Try

New Restaurants are popping like Popcorn every week with new concepts that fail to impress us due to the concentration on the decor and the branding rather than the food. Bent El Sultan a new Arabian restaurant that opened Verdun next to Leila and Assi dazzled us with it's oriental decor and cozy setting that were enough to make us love the place from the first sight.

We started with the Pumpkin Soup. It consisted of the traditional home-made pumpkin soup served in a pumpkin. We loved the presentation of the soup but what we loved more was its taste! We aren't big fans of pumpkin but when we finished our cup, we couldn't but ask for another round.

From the salads we had the Kale and Pomegranate Salad and the Quinoa Salad.
•The Kale and Pomegranate Salad consisted of kale, parsley and rocket leaves served with pomegranate and pomegranate molasses. It was amazing! We loved the taste of kale with the consistent molasses sauce. It is currently our favorite salad in town. 
•The Quinoa Salad contained quinoa, pomegranate, rocket leaves, watercress and parsley with Bulgarian cheese and cornichons. We never thought that mixing all these ingredients together would give such an impressive result! The salad was very refreshing and full of taste.
From the cold appetizers we had Hummus and Fried Halloumi.
•The Hummus was one of the best we had! It was really creamy and contained the right amount of tahini.

•The Fried Halloumi consisted of thick slices of halloumi fried with home-made butter, served with cherry tomatoes and thyme. The halloumi was marvelous! We couldn't but finish all the platter!

We couldn't resist the hot appetizers so we had a few:
•The Hassan Pasha consisted of oven roasted kafta with potatoes, tomato sauce and melted cheese. The meat was very well cooked and the sauces with the tomato and the cheese created an impressive combination.

•The Sausages with Cherries was something we never tried before. It was unusual yet very flavorful and delicious.

•The Bent El Sultan Sujuk were phenomenal! They were served hot in tomato sauce with green beans. We can't describe how spectacular they were.

As main platters we had Shish Taouk anf d Pomegranate Fatayel Slices.
•The Shish Taouk was very good. It needed more marination but the chicken slices were very tender. They were served with oriental rice, grilled veggies, special bread filled with garlic and hot sauce, and a cup of garlic because we never say no to extra garlic with taouk.

•The Pomegranate Fatayel Slices were exceptional! The beef was succulent! Extremely tender, juicy and full of taste thanks to the pomegranate molasses. We really recommend this unique platter.

For dessert we had Nabulsi Kunafa. It was orgasmic! We loved the crunchy fried vermicelli (osmaliye) that covered the Kunafa cheese instead of the traditional "smid". Plus it was not to sweet. It was the perfect ending to our lovely feast.

All the platters at Bent El Sultan were beautifully served which added a lot to our royal experience.
Finally, we can't but praise the huge variety of fresh juices and special cold drinks offered at Bent El Sultan. More than the great food, it is a big plus for the place that will keep us going back. We tried the mango, pomegranate and pineapple and each one was better than the other. We also recommend the cold Sahlab that will make you drool!

We adored the Turkish/Andalusian/Iraqi fusion that Bent El Sultan brought to the traditional Lebanese food. We are sure that you will rejoice when visiting the place not only because of the food but also the perfect service and the marvelous decor of the One Thousand and One Nights.

Price Range: 30$ per person
Rating: 8/10
Location: Main Street Verdun next to Assi and Leila
Phone Number: 01 345 355


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