Finally the game we all became addicted to and the birds that we all loved are hitting the big screen this Thursday. Angry Birds, an animated action adventure movie, will be a treat for all ages thanks to its creative story, funny plot and the amazing angry birds; Red, Chuck Bomb and Terence. Red anger management classes weren't enough to keep him happy especially when a boat full of pigs invaded the birds island. Red goes on a mission after he suspects fishy business going on. The animation of the movie is phenomenal and the graphics are exceptional; we got to see each feather on every bird. The colors are so vivid which made the movie a treat to our eyes. We loved the beautiful landscapes and architecture although it was an animated movie. 

Angry Birds is highly recommended and it will make all the members of the family rejoice and enjoy their time. 

In cinemas: this Thursday. 
Runtime: 1hr. 35min. 


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