A Royal Breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel

Traveling is one of our favorite hobbies as we get to discover new countries and of course we get to wake up to a marvelous ready made breakfast everyday. We don't need to feel anxious since we have great options for breakfast in Beirut and our favorite is at the Four Seasons. The hotels restaurant profits from a marvelous view over the Mediterranean Sea and the dynamic Beirut.
The Breakfast Formula, for 40$ per person, consists of an open buffet of croissants, gâteaux, bread and jam, sliced fresh fruits, milk with corn flakes and salad bar plus items you order from the menu (eggs, salmon, knefeh and lots more), mne2ish, labneh and a selection of cheese plus of course open drinks (coffee, tea and fresh juices) 
We started with the Lebanese section so we had mne2ish, labneh and Fattet Hommos from the menu. 
•The mne2ish consisted of zaata, jebneh, keshk and lahm b aajin. They were served fresh and hot.
•In the cheese platter they included jebne mshallale, labne mka3zale, brie and gruyère. With a cup of labneh and mouhamara on the side. We loved dipping the fresh bread in the labneh and the mouhamara. 
•From the menu we had Fattet Hommos and it was amazing! It contained chickpeas topped with yoghurt, fried bread and fried nuts.
From the eggs section we had Eggs Benedict with salmon and custom made Omelette. 
•The Eggs Benedict were exceptional especially that we added salmon to them. The sauce was very consistent, the muffin base was crispy and the salmon were very generous and fresh. We loved the combination. 
•The Omelette was royal! We had it with mushrooms, cheese and bacon. It was very well prepared to a point we adored it more than the Eggs Benedict that used to be our favorite.
Our breakfast wouldn't have been completed without the croissants and the fresh fruits.
•They have an unlimited choice of viennoiseries. We tried the special chocolate dipped one, the one topped with red fruits and the glazed cinnamon pecan one. They were incredibly innovative and delicious. 
•We have been to many breakfast buffets but we never saw a fruit section as varied as the one at Four Seasons. They almost have everything: cherries, strawberries, mango, pomegranate, melon, kiwi, pineapple, bananas, grapes, peach, and many more.
We had to end our divine breakfast in a sweet way so we ordered Knefeh, waffles, French toast and pancakes. 
The Waffle was freshly prepared. We topped them with fresh strawberries and Nutella that added a an overwhelming taste. 
The pancakes were enjoyed with maple syrup whereas the French toast was just perfect with its apple fusion. Our last bite was from the Knefeh and it was literally a bite because we were full but we never say no to Knefeh.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and shouldn't be skipped all like the buffet at the Four Seasons that will boost you with positive vibes for the whole week.We have to mention that the condiments they use are majestic especially the colorful painted plates. They made the food even more appetizing.


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