Urban Grill a New Burger Joint in Ashrafieh

Each time we visit a new restaurant we discover something new whether from the staff, the food or the customers. We recently visited Urban Grill a quick burger joint that recently opened in Ashrafieh behind AUST. The place is operated by a Chef/Dj that is pursuing his dream to serve his special homemade burgers.
All his burgers can be served with your choice of meat or chicken. We ordered both burgers with beef. 
• We loved the orgasmic Mexican Burger since it contained a mix of strong flavors thanks to the chili sauce, the jalapeños and the cheddar cheese. It also contained tomatoes and lettuce to lessen the spicy flavor. The result was a mildly hot burger. The meat was succulent and well seasoned and the bun was very fluffy from the inside with a crispy feel from the outside. 
• The Swiss and Mushroom Burger was good. It contained the normal ingredients; Swiss cheese and canned mushrooms but the sauce was barbecue. We would have preferred a creamy sauce with a bit of wine instead of the barbecue sauce. The meat was very juicy and the bun was very fresh which made the burger enjoyable.
We love having quick meals from time to time and what we love even more is the restaurants that are not too mainstream to find but make you search for them in the narrow streets of Beirut.
Average price: 10$ per person.
Rating: 7.5/10

Location: Ashrafieh, Saad El Khoury Building, Bon Pasteur Street, Behind AUST, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone Number: 76- 746 555


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