The First Pizza of it's kind in Lebanon at Pizza Pie​ in Mtayleb

One of the main reasons we are excited to go to USA besides of course seeing NYC is to eat the famous pizza pie in Boston. Luckily we can stay calm since this signature pizza came to Lebanon by a Lebanese American chef and it is being served in his Pizza Pie in Mtayleb near Jesus and Mary School just next to Byblos Bank. The place is more of a quick dine in/takeaway and it serves a variety of pizzas but in 2 ways: normal and stuffed.
Let's start with the dough and the sauce: we have to mention that they are very exclusive to Pizza Pie since they are homemade and they use premium quality ingredients. The dough is thin and has the perfect crispiness and the tomato sauce is full of flavors.
Their stuffed pizza is the first pizza of its kind in Lebanon.
We had half Lebanese half Four Cheese.
•The Lebanese consisted of thin slices of ham covered with a generous amount of cheese which was later topped with mushrooms and olives. We keep the rest for you to discover.
•The Four Cheese contained a mix of mozzarella, cheddar, Emmental and parmesan in the same "pizza pie".
We liked the Four Cheese but it was a bit over to be taken as stuffed but the Lebanese was perfect!
 We loved it.

PS: the stuffed pizza portion may look small but it's for 2.

We couldn't but try the normal pizza so we went for the Spicy Margherita. It is the same as the traditional Margherita but with a spicier sauce and jalapeño slices on the top. It was finger licking good thanks to the explosion of tastes in each bite.
For dessert we had the calzone style pizza stuffed with mozzarella cheese, chocolate and bananas. The mix of the cheese and the chocolate was very balanced and they were blended very well together. The bananas added some freshness to the whole pizza. It was the perfect ending to our dinner.

We were really impressed with what Pizza Pie offered. A very creative and unique experience that made us curious to try other pizzas.
Looking forward for the addition of the Swiss & Mushroom pizza to the menu.

Average Price: 18$ per person.
Rating: 8/10 minutes

Location: Barakat Building, Facing Byblos Bank, Mtayleb, Metn
Phone for Delivery: 04 525980


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