Society Bistro in Saifi Beirut Impressed Us Big Time

Eating out is becoming a headache sometimes due to the high increase in the prices and drastic decrease in the quality and the quantity in some restaurants. Thankfully that's not the case in Society Bistro, it's even the opposite. Located in Saifi Suites just behind Medco gas station, the restaurant has a cozy interior with a beautiful exterior overlooking a Parisian like street. The menu is very interesting and offers international items but what's very shocking are the low prices that they charge which made us curious if the food will be up to our expectations.

We started with a salad and an appetizer. 
•The Emincés d'Endives au Roquefort salad was average. It contained minced endives topped with walnuts and blue cheese sauce. We would have preferred a thicker sauce since it was a bit watery and lacked the blue cheese flavor. We have to mention that the salad was for only 3000LBP. 

•The Calamars Panés were exceptional! We loved how crispy and well seasoned their coating was. They were served with a special mustard dip and spicy ketchup. They were addictive.
For main platters we had the Angus Beef Burger and the Pizza Truffes. 
•The Burger was good but it can become easily better with some modifications. The patty was not chewy but it was a bit dry. The whole burger also felt dry as it needed more sauces and a slice of cheese would have surely made a difference. The bun was very fluffy and fresh. It was served with a big portion of fries that we rarely have in other places; not too thin yet crispy and with the least quantity of oil possible. 
•The Pizza Truffes was excellent! We loved eating each and every bite. The dough was thin, it was topped with tapenade, cream, cheese and truffle oil. The truffle flavor was very present, and the cheese was delicious which made the whole pizza extremely enjoyable.
Our dessert was phenomenal and illegally yummy! We went for the Tartelette au Chocolat and we were not expecting it to be that good. It merged our 2 favorite pastries together: the fondant and the chocolate tart giving a fondant tart with a crunchy buttery crust and an overwhelming melting chocolate filling. We simply adored it. And the best news is that it's for 4500LBP only!
We really enjoyed our experience at Society Bistro because the quality and the taste of the food were phenomenal compared to the small amount of money they charge! We will go back again very soon to try many other items.

Average price: 17$ per person. 
Rating: 8.5/10 

Location: Saifi Suites, Ground Floor, Maroun Naccache Street, Saifi, Beirut
Phone Number:01 581999


  1. They make their money from the drinks. Yes 5$ for 7up

  2. They make their money from the drinks. Yes 5$ for 7up

    1. Yes that's true Ryan, in our case we don't drink soft drinks only stilled water or sparkling.


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