Mowgli Returns in The Jungle Book

One of the greatest things that technology can do is to make us watch the remake of your favorite childhood Disney classic animated movies coming to life as if they exist in the real world. The Jungle Book returns this week with Mowgli a human kid raised by wolves, a bear and a black panther. The film is full of action and suspence especially when a tiger decides to hunt Mowgli, putting his life and the life of his family in danger.
The movie is beautifully shot with vivid colors, magnificent sceneries and very realistic movements when it comes to Mowgli. The special effects and the talking animals were treats to our eyes. 
The direction is phenomenal because we couldn't remove our sight off the screen and our hearts were beating fast in many scenes although it is a story for kids.
Disney Classics lovers be prepared for the jungle adventure. 

Genre: Action & Adventure, Kids & Family
Directed By: Jon Favreau
Written By: Justin Marks
In Theaters: this Thursday
Runtime: 1 hr. 51 min.
Rating: 3/5



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