Guéridon Nights at Le Ciel in Hilton Beirut

Romantic dates don't need to boring and stressful anymore with 5 main course because Hilton Hotel just introduced Guéridon night at Le Ciel on their gorgeous 31st floor overlooking the metropolitan city.
Freshness and lightness were the attributes of this buffet. The dishes were very colorful and beautifully presented that made you very envious to start eating. Most of the cold appetizers were salads with lots of seafood varieties. There was also beef carpaccio, tuna and salmon sashimi and fois gras. 
•We started with the delicious and refreshing endives and blue cheese salad. We loved the freshness of the endives and the jam flavor on the walnuts with the creamy blue cheese spread. 
•The marinated smoked salmon were exceptional! We kept getting more and more because of their unique taste and amazing freshness. 
•The quinoa salad and wild rocket salad were there to neutralize your taste buds with their mild sauces before attacking a new set of dishes.

•The cups of octopus salad had an extraordinary presentation and taste thanks to their combination with tasty ingredients and vegetables that added more tastiness to the mix. The sauce was also overwhelming. 
•Last but not least, the shrimp salad which was one of our favorite items as the shrimps were perfectly cooked and dipped in an impressive sauce that was kind of an explosion of tastes.
Now for the main platters consisting of the grilled salmon, shrimps and beef. 
They are served in a very interesting way; the waiter holds a stick with the beef or the shrimp on it and a flame on its bottom and they serve them piece by piece. The salmon are served in a platter with a blue flame in the middle.
•The beef was excellent even orgasmic! The best grilled steak we ever had! The most tender, the juiciest and with the best seasoning you can ever imagine. We adored it. 

•The salmon and shrimps were good as well. We loved how fresh they were and the flavors of the marination. They were so juicy and tasty.
And here comes the sweetest part; 
they serve 4 types of desserts: red berries cake, tiramisu, chocolate mousse and tarte citron with a crêpe live station.

•We loved the tarte citron with its exceptional crispy and buttery crust topped with a mildly tangy pastry cream. 
•The red berries cake was great as the berries were very fresh, the dough was very fluffy and the cream was adequately sweet.

The live crêpes station was ready to serve you freshly cooked crêpes in rum, orange extract and caramel special sauce with powder sugar and chocolate sauce on top. We couldn't try it because we were full.

We highly praise Hilton for using premium quality ingredients, their warm service and their cozy ambiance that made Thursday a memorable experience to be repeated at least once per month.

Price: 49$ including drinks
Location: Hilton Hotel, 31st floor, Sin El Fil, Metn.
Phone: 01 516 570


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