Angelina Paris Finally Opens in Downtown Beirut

Lebanon may never impress us when it comes to entertainment and show business since none of our favorite artists come to our country. But that doesn't apply to the restaurant industry since Beirut is the house of the most important restaurant chains in the world and we recently got pampered when Angelina, the famous Parisian tea house, opened in Down Town Beirut just next to Aishti. The place has the exact charming interior and decoration as the one in Paris. People can enjoy a cup of their famous hot chocolate or a Parisian meal with refined desserts.
We were eager to try Angelina since the moment we saw the place being under construction a few months ago and after hearing a lot about its signature hot chocolate. 
•We started with the Club Sandwich and we have to admit that it was the best club sandwich in town. It consisted of toasted pain de mie filled with tender and marinated chicken, tomatoes, eggs and salad. The bread was very light and crispy and it was spread with a generous amount of yummy special sauce which made the sandwich very delicious. We loved how fresh all the ingredients felt. It was served with a refreshing and tasty green salad and crispy golden fries.

•As expected, the "Chocolat Chaud à l'ancienne (l'Africain) was orgasmic! Hands down, the best hot chocolate we had in our lives. It had a very thick texture and the chocolate flavor was supreme. To make even more overwhelming, they serve a cup of whipped cream on the side. We simply adored it and it was a pure joy. 
•Our dessert was the "Brioche façon Pain Perdu" because it is our weak point and what if the restaurant is French. The smell said it all! We knew what was waiting for us since the moment it came on the table. It was served very hot with a layer of crunchy caramel and an incredibly fulfilling taste of butter. The bread was excellent as it was very fluffy from the inside with crispy borders. Yet there are 2 negative things: the first is that it lacked caramel and the second is that it had to be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Angelina's experience made us feel as if we are in Paris because of the great service from the french waitresses that are doing their best to make the Lebanese fall in love with their brand. During our next visit we will imperatively try the Mont-Blanc because it is also a specialty of Angelina that we don't want to miss.


 Average price: 25$ per person. 
Rating: 8.5/10

Phone:01 990 992
Location:  Quartier Foch, Saad Zaghloul Street, Downtown, Beirut


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