A Chinese Dining Experience at Little China in Monot

Lebanon is the size of a cosmopolitan city yet we have more cuisines and a bigger cultural variety than most of them. The China Arab Association recently celebrated their 45th anniversary of China and Lebanon's friendship together at Little China a 100% Chinese restaurant from the food to the staff and even the ambiance. Located in Monot, Little China serves  homemade Chinese food as prepared in China which means full of flavors yet very light and refreshing.
•The Fried Chili Seasoned Shrimps were orgasmic! They consisted of fried jumbo shrimps seasoned with special Chinese spices and chili peppers. We loved how crispy they were and how each bite was kind of an explosion of tastes. 
•The Vegetable Spring Rolls were one of the best we had in Lebanon till now. They were very crispy and not oily at all. We enjoyed dipping them in some soy and chili sauce.
 •The Vegetable Noodles was exceptional. It was cooked to perfection and didn't need any extra soy sauce like we usually do in other Chinese places and that's because it was full of taste and aroma. 
•The Mapo Tofu was a new item for us; it consisted of beef and soy beans cooked with chili peppers and special spices. It was mildly hot and very enjoyable. 
•The Steamed Calamari were extremely fresh and cooked to perfection. They had the exact amount of spices that gave a rich taste without making it over spices. They were served on a bed of delicious vermicelli noodles. 
•The Dry Pot Beef was our "coup de coeur". It consisted of beef slices with vegetables with chili pepper and tomatoes that are served in a pot on a flame so that their cooking continues on the table. The beef was succulent and the fact that the cooking continues made the sauce very rich and yummy. We loved this platter.
Our perfect ending to our feast were the Crunchy Fries Bananas served with special vanilla ice cream. The banana balls were very crispy and covered with an overwhelming layer of crunchy caramel. The ice cream contained slices of fruits and made each bite very moist. It was the perfect duo. 
We loved our Chinese experience at Little China as we got introduced to the real Chinese cuisine and saw their hospitality. We will be visiting them very soon because some platters kept a mark on our tongues. 

Average price: 20$ per person.
Rating: 8/10

Locotion: Monot Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut
Phone: 01 335334


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