The New place everyone is talking about Sandwich w Noss in Gemmayze

Sandwich w Noss is the newest quick bite joint in Gemmayze that serves a variety of sandwiches all day long with a free pepsi. The place became so popular since it opened a few months ago thanks to its cool concept of having the possibility to order a sandwich or a bigger version of it which is the sandwich w noss. 
We went for lunch and tried 2 of their popular sandwiches.

•The Escalope sandwich was yummy! The escalope slices were perfectly fried and the sauces used made the sandwich juicy and tasty. The bread was fresh and fluffy. We loved it.
•The Taouk contained coleslaw and fries. The chicken marination was not fabulous and it lacked the garlic flavor. The chicken needed to be more grilled and we honestly did not enjoy it. 

Our only complaint is that they should have told us that the pepsi is complimentary but we were lucky because we read it. So make sure to ask for it when you are there. 
We are always looking forward to these types of places that serve good food for a reasonable price.

Rating: 6.5/10
Price Range: 8$
Location: End of Gouraud Street, Before Electricité Du Liban, Gemmayze, Beirut,  Lebanon 

Phone: 01 575010


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