Nicole Kidman is the Queen of the Desert

We have been waiting for Queen of the Desert for a very long time and it will be finally out this week. Nicole Kidman stars as British explorer Gertrude Bell who was famously known as the female Lawrence Of Arabia; a liberated strong British explorer and archaeologist who decided to leave her lavish lifestyle in Britain and to get lost in the Middle East. She has always had a passion for the lifestyle of bedouins. The movie chronicles her journeys of love and loss during the early 20th century. Gertrude desire for solitude won't be easy as she will bump into the handsome James Franco and Robert Pattinson.
Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman charmed us with her eternal beauty and we could not remove our eyes from her. She excelled in her role and like always we loved her.
Beautiful shots of desert landscapes and other mountain sceneries make from this movie a treat to our eyes with exquisite visuals and vivid colors.
Though the film received a lot of negative reviews, it is a must watch not only for history geeks but for people who love the adventures and wanderlust. 

Genre: Drama, Historical.
Starring: Nicole Kidman
               James Franco
               Damian Lewis
               Robert Pattinson
Directed By: Werner Herzog
Written By: Werner Herzog
Run time: 2 hr. 8 min.
In cinemas: March 31st.
Rating: 3.5/5



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