Mannoush taking the Lebanese Saj to the Next Level

We were very curious to try Mannoush since we love Saj and we heard their items are very innovative and delicious. Mannoush is always present at Souk Al Akel but we tried their branch in Hamra just next to Bliss House. 
•We loved the Truffle n Cheese pizza. It was more of a pizza with a very thin and crispy crust topped with cream sauce, truffle oil, cheese and mushrooms. The cream sauce was very good and the truffle flavor was present. A little bit more cheese will make it even better. 

•The Basic Cheese Man2oushe was very average. The whole wheat bread was good and light but it lacked a lot of cheese which made it less enjoyable.

We adored the concept behind Mannoush and we can't wait to try more of their  signature items in Souk El Akel or in their Bliss branch.

Rating: 7.5/10
Price Range: 8$

Location: Bliss Street next to Bliss House Harma, Beirut, Lebanon


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