Hot-Dog Lovers you have to check out The Hot Dog Faktory

New restaurant concepts are opening in Lebanon and are breaking the routine idea we have for food. The Hot Dog Faktory is a new specialized restaurant for sausages in Hamra that offers a wide variety of sandwiches and 4 options of sausages from Switzerland: veal, poultry, beef and tofu (vegetarian).
We were eager to try the Bombay and the Mex since we love Indian and Mexican spices. 
•The Bombay consisted of curry bread filled with Swiss poultry sausage, Bombay mango ginger chutney sauce and topped with fried onions. The curry flavor was very present in the fresh bread which made the sandwich very delicious and the sauce was so tasty. We did not feel a difference concerning the poultry sausage. 

•The Mex contained Swiss poultry sausage, corn, guacamole, diced tomatoes, chili sauce with pineapple and topped with tortilla bits. We did not feel any pineapple and we honestly didn't like neither the chili sauce nor its combination with the guacamole. We would have preferred ordinary tortilla instead of the cheese flavored ones.

We wanted to try their desserts mentioned on the menu but unfortunately they were not available.
The place is very innovative and offers a wide variety of hotdog far from the classical cheddar and chips. For 14,500 LBP we got the sandwich, a generous portion of yummy crispy fries seasoned with paprika and a soft drink that made us feel full.
Rating: 7.5/10
Price Range: 10$
Location: Intersection of Jeanne D'arc and Makhoul Street, Hamra, Beirut
Phone: 01 740435


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