Fouad Yammine the Star in the New Lebanese Comedy Movie Bingo

A long weekend awaits us and what's better than spending some time at the cinemas with new movies coming out. Bingo is the newest Lebanese comedy film that talks about Abdo (Fouad Yammine) who finds himself miserable because of his job and his living conditions. Out of the bloom, his grandfather makes contact with him to hand him over his fortune in return of an unimaginable favor.
We loved the plot as it is not "cliché" with a love story but very well written. Although the beginning was a bit slow, the film then becomes full of life and enjoyable with it's vivid colors that were a treat to our eyes. 
Fouad Yammine proves that he can have a leading role by his own. The beautiful Zeina Makki added a touch of feminism and like always Liliane Nemri made us laugh very hard thanks to her humorous character. The amazing director Elie F. Habib and the producer Jamal Sannan are the perfect duo after succeeding in creating a wonderful result in Bingo.


Director: Elie F. Habib
Producer: Jamal Sannan
Writer: Claude Saliba
Starring: Fouad Yammine
               Zeina Makki 
               Liliane Nemri
Language: Arabic


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