CRP Factory the New Crepes Factory in Beirut

If you are bored from sushi, burgers, pizzas and hot dogs then you should consider visiting CRP Factory, a new crêpes house in Mar Mikhael that offers a variety of CRP and waffles from savory to sweet. They introduced a concept that is very popular in Europe which is the CRP sandwich with very interesting ingredients combinations. The place is more of a quick dine/take away located next to Smoking Bun.
First we have to mention that the dough they use is perfect as it is very thin and half crispy.
•We started with the Turkey and Cheese CRP was very good; it contained Emmental cheese, turkey and rocket leaves with a honey mustard sauce. Cherry tomatoes and olives came on the side. It was a light choice yet very tasty; the honey mustard added some sourness to the flavors of the turkey and cheese, and the rocket leaves made the CRP very fresh.
Our weak points are the sweet CRP and the Waffles.
•The Belgian Square waffle was one of the best we have tried in Lebanon. The dough was very tasty and well cooked. It was covered with chocolate and topped with fresh strawberries, bananas and a scoop of Kinder ice cream. The result was very satisfying. 

•We wanted to try their specialty of the month sweet CRP which was the brownie. It contained homemade brownie and it was topped with Belgian chocolate and 2 strawberries. We replaced the scoop of ice cream with lotus biscuits and it was a nice choice as it added some crunchiness. We were not big fans of the chocolate they use because it lacked the chocolate flavor.
We liked the fact that the owner is the chef and that he prepares the food with passion. CRP lovers you gotta check this new place.
Average price: 10$ per person. 
Rating: 7.5/10

Location: Next to Smoking Bun, Ibrahim Pacha Street,Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone: 01 567225


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